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Here's What Appointify Has to Offer

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Most Affordable And Powerful Local Appointment Software With No Monthly Fees Or Sneaky Booking Fees To You As A Consultant Or Local Marketer

Cash In With An Untapped Local Service That 99% Of Other Consultants Aren't Offering

Easy And Newbie Friendly System To Deploy On Client's Sites In Minutes

Solves A Desperate Problem For Local Business Owners!

Complete Done-For-You Software, No Tech Skills Required

Works For All Local Niches

Outdated Booking Systems Are Killing Local Biz Owners Every Day…

Now You Can Step In, Fix The Problem Fast And Earn Easily And Quickly!

Easily Get Clients By Helping Local Biz!

You’ve probably seen it yourself… You visit a local dentist’s website. There’s a big old telephone number at the top of the screen. But you’re at work and can’t make the call. Or you’re in a busy cafe, where you can’t hear.

Or maybe it’s late at night and the business is closed (55% of local bookings are taken in the evening…) Or maybe you’re just in a rush and don’t want to speak to anyone. So what do you do? You close the page and go to the next search result! Even if you DO decide to call the business, you’re often put on hold…

…or sent to an answering machine!

Biz Owners Are Paying Thousands Per Month For Call Centers To Take Bookings For Them (And It’s Not Working!)

And let’s face it...

Nobody likes dealing with a call center when you just want to speak to the local biz directly, right?

This is why call centers are costing local biz owners thousands in lost appointments… so they need a solution fast.

Contact Forms Don't Work Either!

Customers have to think of what to say, wait for an email response, then go back and forth with the secretary via email before actually making a booking.

And after all this?

Customers forget to show up! This results in heavy losses for the local biz owner.

With Appointify, You Can Solve All of These
Problems In Just 5 Minutes Of Setup!

By offering local biz owners a fully optimized, hands-free appointment booking system, you have the power to double their bookings and customers over a short period of time!

Instantly upgrade any local biz owner’s booking system, double their appointments and remove all the headaches that have been losing them customers and costing them thousands per week for a fraction of the cost they have to pay elsewhere!

  • Customers can book an appointment online at any time of day.
  • Sends email and SMS reminders to the customers so they never miss an appointment!
  • Appointify keeps track of available times and removes all the back and forth emails and phone calls for the biz owner.
  • Allows customers to pay for the service when they book (which biz owners LOVE!)

Double Any Biz Owner’s Bookings Easily & Quickly With Just 5 Minutes Of Setup!

See Appointify Setup In 60 Secs.

Check out the demo video below how easy it is to install and set up Appointify

Used and trusted by over a 1200+ businesses.

Join over a thousand plus business owners that use and trust Appointify for their appointment booking needs.







Appointify Brings You A Quick And Easy Solution To Explode Bookings And Profits For Any Local Business!

Extensive Appointment Settings -

Time scheduling and calendar - Allow customers to pick a time from the biz owner’s calendar. No more back and forth via email or phone to check available time slots.

Confirmation and reminder SMS and emails - Keep customers in the loop and remind them when to show up, reducing the amount of no-shows.

Working hours - Shows customers when the business is open so they can book the right time, every time.

Showcase services - Show visitors which services are available, right inside a beautiful booking system that works perfectly on every device!

No More Double Bookings

Appointify has built-in technology to prevent double bookings. If another customer has already booked an appointment, the software will let them know and suggest another slot that’s available!

Show Working Hours

Set up your client’s holidays, days off, lunchtimes and meetings, so the system can only take bookings when they’re available.

Google Calendar Integration

Tap a button to instantly sync your client’s Google calendar into Appointify, allowing your client to see all of their appointments in one place, including ones booked separately in their Google calendar alongside their Appointify bookings!

Automatic Email & SMS Reminders

Notifications will be sent to people who have booked appointments so that appointments are not missed. Reduce no shows and bring more customers to your client on autopilot!

Simple Client Dashboard

Your clients will have an easy bird’s eye view of their appointment calendar to help them stay organized.

Build Your Client's Email List

Capture emails during the booking process, so that you or the biz owner can follow up with more offers in the future. You can even offer them a done-for-you email marketing service to collect big paychecks every month!

Multiple Users For Each Business

Most biz owners will have multiple people who take bookings (dentists, doctors, chiropractors, roofers, etc.) With Appointify you can give each member of the team their own appointment system under one “umbrella” system for that company.

Super Easy To Set Up

Just point and click and you’ll have the entire system set up for your first client in minutes from now. We provide step-by-step instructions and it’s designed for complete beginners to use without any steep learning curves or special skills.

Export Data

Your clients can easily export their appointment details and statistics for offline references and analysis.

Appointments Made Easy

Managing appointments has never been easier for you or your clients. See available slots, bookings made, dates, and times, all in a simple dashboard. For potential customers, it’s easy too. The booking form is clean, easy to use, and works perfectly on mobile.


Appointify works perfectly on all devices and screen sizes, so your client will never lose a booking because of a badly designed form that’s hard to fill out.

Customers can book appointments from their mobile devices in a few simple taps, without squinting, pinching or zooming their screens!

Simple Sales Reporting

Allow your client to view recent transactions, pending and future appointments, customer details, and amount paid, in one simple screen.

Built-In Blogging

Your clients can use this to provide additional information about their products and services, boost appointment bookings and even attract free traffic from Google.

They can even display images in the sleek slider section integrated into the theme to draw people’s attention into each post, build trust and give their blog a professional look and feel.

All types of businesses can massively benefit from Appointify


Course Creators

Real Estate

Marketing Agencies

Professional Services







& Many More....

Just Look At This

Real People Are Paying $1000’s For Help With
Their Booking Systems!

With Appointify, you could be solving their burning problems in seconds

and get paid buckets of cash in return!

This Is One Of The Easiest Services You’ll Ever
Sell To Local Biz Owners

Let’s face it, SEO, PPC, web design or social media services can be hard to sell.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes

Would you rather pay for a system that “might” work… but will take months to see results and thousands of dollars to get started

Or would you invest $500 to double your appointments, save your secretary hours of work, eliminate back and forth emails

and save thousands on outsourced call centers and expensive monthly booking systems?

It’s a no-brainer!

With Appointify, you can create fully optimized booking pages for any local biz owner in 5 minute flat.....

and easily charge them $500 for it!

A complete solution for all your needs.

Appointify adds so much to your business…

  • Extensive Appointment Settings
  • Duplicate Booking Checker
  • Show Working Hours
  • Accept Payment Upfront
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Automatic Email And SMS Reminders
  • Backend Appointment Calendar & List
  • Build Your Client's Email List
  • Multiple Users For Each Client
  • Mobile-Optimized
  • Effortless Facebook Integration
  • Simple Sales Reporting
  • Built-In Blogging
  • Full Training And Support
  • Bonus Training: Win Your First Client Tonight!

Save Big with Appointify.

One-time pricing for a limited time only.


One-time payment

  • Extensive Appointment Settings
  • Duplicate Booking Checker
  • Show Working Hours
  • Accept Payment Upfront
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Automatic Email And SMS Reminders
  • Backend Appointment Calendar & List
  • Build Your Client's Email List
  • Multiple Users For Each Client
  • Mobile-Optimized
  • Effortless Facebook Integration
  • Simple Sales Reporting
  • Built-In Blogging
  • Full Training And Support

Appointy: $79.99/month $59.9/month

AcuityScheduling: $50/month

10To8: $50/month

Zoho: $720/month

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Test Appointify yourself for 30 full days, and enjoy the power of today's most advanced Appointment booking technology. See how easy it is to drastically increase bookings by using Appointify.

If you're not completely satisfied with your investment let us know within 30 days and we will refund your purchase in full.


  • Do I Have to Pay a Monthly Subscription?

No! Not at all. No Subscription or Monthly Fees. If you invest in Appointify today you get career access to the platform for an incredibly low one-time-only price. 

  • Do I Need Any Technical Skills or Experience to Use Appointify?

Appointify is as “newbie friendly” as it gets and we have included step-by-step training and tutorial videos inside the members' area to help you to get your profitable Appointment Agency/Services for Local Businesses up and running quickly and easily.

  • Do you offer A Guarantee/Support/Training

Appointify is backed up by our 100% Satisfaction guarantee and gets a full 30 days to download and test out if it suits your requirements best. You will get support at our helpdesk. Although Appointify is designed for any newbie, it is also supported by step-by-step Video, Knowledge base Documents, and a PDF Guide. All these are included at literally no cost at all.

  • Is Appointify Mobile friendly?

Yes, Appointify is completely laptop/PC/mobile friendly.

  • Can I Install it on my Client's website?

Yes, you can install it on your client's website or sell it as a service.

  • If I have any questions about Appointify, is there any support address or person I can contact?

Yes, You will get full-time support at We will reply back all your queries ASAP.

  • Who owns the data/content/subscribers?

You do! Any content (including your users) is 100% owned by you. Appointify does not have any rights or permission to use that content or contact any of your users for any reason at all. Appointify is just a tool for YOU to Deliver YOUR Appointment Services!

  • Is there any money-back guarantee?

Yes! We are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee - no hassles, no questions.

  • Can I integrate it with any WordPress or my client’s existing site?

Yes, Appointify is a WordPress Theme and Plugin. You can install it as a plugin on your client’s WordPress theme or add a one-page appointment module to any site’s navigation bar by using our easy-to-follow tutorials.

  • How many sites can I install Appointify on?

As many as you wish, with appointify unlimited, you can install it on as many websites as you want. Be it on your own or your client’s website.

Start working less and earning more with Appointify.

Stop wasting your precious time doing everything yourself. Quickly and easily automate your business with Appointify today.

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