Join The AI Revolution With NicheSites AI - An Innovative, AI-Powered Platform Designed To Automate And Simplify The Process Of Creating And Managing Niche Websites!

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Simplify & Automate The Process Of Building, Optimizing, And Monetizing Niche Websites!

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Going Live - Friday, 23rd February 2024, 11:00 AM EST

Prelaunch Webinar - Thursday, 22nd February 2024, 2:00 PM EST


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Welcome To The Revolutionary World Of

Niche Sites Creation Using AI!

NicheSites AI is an innovative, AI-powered platform designed to automate and simplify the process of creating and managing niche websites. Its key features include AI-driven niche identification, instant website generation, SEO-optimized content creation, and automated traffic generation tools. The platform is tailored for users with minimal technical skills, allowing them to efficiently build and monetize niche-specific websites.

With its user-friendly interface, cost-effective solutions, and data-driven insights, NicheSites AI empowers users to create websites that are not only visually appealing but also optimized for search engines and mobile devices, ensuring high organic traffic potential and multiple revenue streams.

Packed with great features to help affiliate marketers get more Sales, Leads, and Traffic to their Niche Websites. Even users with minimal tech skills can build websites that attract traffic & generate income!

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Did you know, that over 65% of consumers prefer online shopping, the potential for niche websites is immense. However, creating these specialized niche sites can be daunting and time-consuming.

That's exactly where 'NicheSites AI' Comes into the Picture. NicheSites AI streamlines this process, making it easier and more efficient for entrepreneurs to capitalize on this growing trend in online consumer behavior.

What Is NicheSites AI?

NicheSites AI caters to a diverse range of users, including affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and digital marketing agencies. It's especially beneficial for those seeking to establish a strong online presence in specific niches with minimal effort and time investment. With its user-friendly interface, cost-effective solutions, and data-driven insights, NicheSites AI empowers users to create websites that are not only visually appealing but also optimized for search engines and mobile devices, ensuring high organic traffic potential and multiple revenue streams.

NicheSites AI is an innovative, AI-powered platform designed to automate and simplify the process of creating and managing niche websites. Its key features include AI-driven niche identification, instant website generation, SEO-optimized content creation, and automated traffic generation tools. The platform is tailored for users with minimal technical skills, allowing them to efficiently build and monetize niche-specific websites.

NicheSites AI utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence to streamline every aspect of niche site development. From content creation to SEO optimization, our tool empowers users to create high-quality, profitable niche sites with ease. The platform also offers robust customer support, a comprehensive resource library, and regular feature updates, making it a dynamic and evolving tool in the niche website creation market.

Create Your Niche Site in Minutes with NicheSites AI - "The Revolutionary AI Niche Site Creation Tool!"

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Check Out Powerful NicheSites AI Features

NicheSites AI is a Package of Powerful AI Chat Based Niche Site Creation that allows you to Create, Simplify and Automate the process of Building, Optimizing, and Monetizing Niche Websites! Below are some of the best features we thought might entice you to avail of this amazing product.

Interactive AI Chat Setup:

The innovative chat-based site builder guides you through the setup process by asking simple questions. The AI does all the work behind the scenes, creating your site in minutes, regardless of your technical skills. This unique chat feature makes the setup process fun and interactive.

AI-Driven Niche Identification And Analysis:

Unlike many website creation tools that require users to come up with their own niche ideas, NicheSites AI uses advanced AI algorithms to suggest profitable niches based on market trends and user interests.
Benefit: This reduces the time and guesswork involved in niche selection, providing a data-driven approach to identifying lucrative market opportunities.

Automated, SEO-Optimized Content Creation:

NicheSites AI goes beyond basic website building by generating SEO-optimized content automatically. This feature is not commonly found in standard website builders.
Benefit: Users can quickly populate their sites with high-quality content that improves search engine rankings and attracts organic traffic, crucial for the success of any niche website.

Integrated Monetization Strategies:

NicheSites AI offers integrated solutions for various monetization strategies, such as affiliate marketing, AdSense, and direct product sales, all within the same platform.
Benefit: This integration simplifies the process of turning a niche site into a revenue-generating asset, offering users multiple avenues for monetization.

User-Friendly, No Technical Expertise Required:

The platform is designed for ease of use, making it accessible to users with little to no technical background, which is often a barrier with other website creation tools.
Benefit: Enables a broader range of users, including beginners, to successfully create and manage niche websites without the need for technical training.

Comprehensive Analytics And User Behavior Tracking:

Offers an advanced analytics dashboard that provides insights into visitor behavior, engagement, and conversion rates – a feature not always available in basic website builders.
Benefit: Helps users make informed decisions to optimize their site and content strategy based on real user data.

Multilingual And Mobile Optimization:

NicheSites AI supports the creation of multilingual websites and ensures all sites are optimized for mobile devices, a crucial feature in today’s global and mobile-first internet environment.
Benefit: Expands the user’s reach to a global audience and enhances the user experience for mobile visitors, which can significantly increase traffic and engagement.

Time And Cost Efficiency:

By combining multiple functionalities (niche identification, content creation, SEO optimization, and monetization) in one platform, NicheSites AI saves users both time and money.
Benefit: Provides an all-in-one solution for niche website creation and management, eliminating the need for multiple tools and services.

Regular Updates And Scalability:

NicheSites AI is committed to continuous improvement, with regular updates to keep up with the latest digital trends and user needs.
Benefit: Ensures that users’ niche sites remain competitive and can scale as their business grows.

Fully Optimized for All Devices:

NicheSites AI works perfectly on all devices and screen sizes, so your client will never lose a booking because of a badly designed form that’s hard to fill out.

Benefit: Customers can create awesome niche sites from their mobile devices in a few simple taps, without squinting, pinching, or zooming their screens!

Plus Must-Have Additional Features Such As -

100% Cloud-Based, Nothing to Install

NicheSites AI doesn't require any installation. All you need is an internet connection to set up and manage your store from anywhere, at any time. This feature makes it incredibly convenient and user-friendly.

Supports Multiple Countries & Currencies:

NicheSites AI allows you to operate in multiple countries and deal with multiple currencies. This makes your site truly global, expanding your customer reach and boosting your sales.

Proven-to-Convert Design

NicheSites AI features a design that's been tested and proven to convert. This means your site doesn't just look good; it's also optimized to maximize conversions and sales.

Built-in Blogging

The platform uses AI to create blog posts that feature popular tags, eye-catching images, and engaging content. This helps increase your site's popularity, brings in a wave of potential customers, and significantly boosts your sales.

Easy Management

Just Login to Your cloud-based dashboard and manage your site with ease.

And Lot More Features...

  • AI Chat-Based Niche Sites Builder: Interactive Sites Creation and Intuitive Design - Utilize AI-driven, chat-based interactions to build fully functional niche-specific sites with a conversational process, making sites creation as simple as chatting with a friend.
  • 30 Niche Sites Licenses (Commercial License): Extensive Scalability and Commercial Flexibility - Create up to 30 fully functional affiliate e-commerce sites for personal commercial use or sell products to clients.
  • Traffic Driving Tools: Social Media Integration, SEO Optimization, Content Generation, and Promotional Strategies are all included inside one dashboard at your fingertips.
  • Content and Site Features: Personalized sites, Viral Content Creation, Facebook and Instagram Posts, Review Articles, Legal Compliance, SEO-Optimized Niches, Blogs and Comparison Sites, Mobile Optimization, Review Sites, High-Converting Niches, and many more...
  • AI-Powered Marketing Suite: From crafting engaging social media posts to sending out promotional emails, our AI handles all your marketing needs.
  • AI-Crafted Viral Post Builder: Unleash the power of our AI to create viral posts that magnify your store's reach and customer engagement.
  • AI-Generated Facebook & Instagram Post Builder: Let our AI command your social media campaigns, producing engaging Facebook and Instagram posts that attract traffic.
  • Auto-Responder Integration: Connect with your favorite auto-responders effortlessly for easy customer communication.
  • Mobile Responsive Design: Ensure a seamless website navigation experience on all devices with our mobile-friendly website designs.
  • GDPR and Amazon Compliance: Operate with confidence on our platform that respects GDPR and Amazon guidelines.
  • List Building Feature: Turn your website into a lead-capturing powerhouse.
  • No Installation Required: Being 100% cloud-based, you can build, manage, and grow your site from anywhere, anytime.
  • User-Friendly Site Designs: Don't worry about intricate design details. Our AI crafts easy-to-navigate, visually appealing website layouts.

and many more...

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Front End

NicheSites AI (Commercial License)

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NicheSites AI Unlimited




NicheSites AI DFY Sites




NicheSites AI Masterclass




NicheSites AI Agency

$197 - $297

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Earn upto $295 Per Referral


NicheSites AI (Commercial License)

NicheSites AI revolutionizes niche website creation with its AI Chat-Based Builder, enabling intuitive, conversational site-building. It offers 30 niche site licenses for scalable business growth, coupled with commercial flexibility. Key features include integrated traffic-driving tools through social media and SEO optimization and diverse content generation capabilities for marketing. The platform ensures personalized, mobile-optimized sites with features like viral content creation, review articles, and legal compliance. Additionally, Nichesites AI offers customizable templates and automated site maintenance, making it an all-encompassing solution for both beginners and seasoned marketers in the digital space.

.$37 / Onetime


NicheSites AI - Unlimited

NicheSites AI Unlimited elevates your website creation capabilities with an array of advanced features. In the first part of this upgrade, you gain access to an expanded library of niche-specific content and templates, which significantly enhances the versatility and appeal of your sites. Advanced SEO tools are integrated to ensure your websites achieve higher search engine rankings, drawing more organic traffic.

In the second part, the upgrade includes advanced social media tools for better engagement and visibility on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Enhanced automation capabilities simplify the ongoing maintenance of your sites, allowing for more efficient management. Furthermore, additional monetization options are introduced, providing new avenues for revenue generation. NicheSites AI OTO1 is tailored for users who are serious about maximizing their online presence and profitability in the ever-growing digital marketplace.

$47 / Onetime


NicheSites AI DFY (DFY Sites)

NicheSites AI DFY Sites offers a fast-track solution for online entrepreneurs. It features ready-made, professionally designed niche sites, complete with SEO-optimized content and monetization strategies like affiliate links, AdSense, or e-commerce integrations. While these sites are ready to use upon acquisition, they also provide customization options, allowing you to add personal branding or unique touches. This package is ideal for those looking to quickly step into profitable niches with minimal setup effort.

$97 / Onetime


NicheSites AI Masterclass

NicheSites AI Masterclass provides a comprehensive learning experience for mastering niche site creation and monetization. This extensive training program, priced at $127, includes detailed modules covering all aspects of building and optimizing niche sites, from fundamental strategies to advanced SEO techniques. It emphasizes effective monetization methods and teaches robust traffic generation tactics. Participants will receive expert guidance and insider tips from experienced professionals, ensuring a well-rounded and practical learning journey to achieve success in niche site entrepreneurship.

$127 / Onetime


NicheSites AI Agency License

NicheSites AI Agency License offers an Agency License, allowing businesses to extend their services by using Nichesites AI for client projects. Available in two tiers, priced at $197 and $297, it caters to different business sizes and client volumes. This package includes agency rights to build and manage client websites, scalable license options, tools for efficient client management and reporting, as well as marketing and sales resources to help agencies promote their new services and engage clients effectively. This addition is ideal for businesses looking to expand their portfolio into niche site creation services.

$197 - $297 / Onetime

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Over $3,500 in Prizes!

Huge Opening Contest with $1750 as Top Prize!

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Closing Contest

From 26th February - 28th February Midnight

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Affiliate Terms

1. You must generate the equivalent of the prize money in commissions to qualify for the prizes. If not, you’ll be paid the amount of commissions you generated.

2. Solo Contest, You must earn a commission equal to the Prize Amount for the respective position, or else you will be paid on a Pro-Rata basis.

3. We reserve the right to change our funnel and prices as we see fit to ensure we maximize conversions for our affiliates.

Do We Reciprocate?

Yes, we do reciprocate and promote the products of our JV Partners. Sit back and be assured that we are there for you!

About Us

Hello, it’s Chris Jenkins, CEO & Founder of NewAge Apps - Top INTERNET Marketing SAAS Company with My Friend and Partner Nakul Niwaskar - CTO & Co-Founder of EngageLeads - Top LOCAL Marketing SAAS Company!

We are the strong support team behind NicheSites AI.

We are delighted to bring to you an awesome and innovative product NicheSites AI after over 14 months of Market Research, Development, Hard Work, and Testing.

We have 22 Years of Combined Marketing Experience. With Our Combined Marketing Experience, we have designed NicheSites AI to Get Massive Results. We have a Dedicated Support Team that will be working 24/7 to assist NicheSites Ai users in getting the best out of it.

Feel free to Reach out to us if you need any help at all to make this promo a Big Success.


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Affiliate Program – Terms and Condition

Before you join our Affiliate Program, go through the following pointers. You give your consent and you are NOT allowed to do below things if we approve you for the program. If you are found carrying on with any of the below points, we will terminate you from the program and any commission, whatsoever will stand forfeited without any reasons:

1. Your total commissions generated must be equal or more than the prizes we are giving to become eligible for bonus rewards.
2. You are NOT allowed to run negative PPC/iframe domain campaigns like ‘Author name/Product name scam.
3. We would encourage you to keep away from using the raw affiliate link if you can. You can make the most of ‘Re-direct’ links in emails and website campaigns. And it should not be the direct affiliate link received by you. It will boost conversions for both of us – but the choice is yours!
4. You can’t earn any commission if you make any purchase on your own. The commission for any ‘self’ purchase will be considered null and void and held back. (Things that you CAN do are subject to change without giving any notice in advance – you should keep yourself updated here).
5. Any affiliate with less than 50 sales will have their payment status ‘delayed’. For all others, the commissions will be on an instant basis, but it also depends on the rate of refund. You can contact us to know if you are eligible for instant commissions.
6. We are running a legal business. It means that we always showcase and represent only genuine products, their features, and their advantages to users. We will also request you do follow the same practice. If you are found using inaccurate information, misleading claims or bogus testimonials, or anything that is not in accordance with FTC Guidelines, then your affiliate account will be revoked instantly.